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The Heart Matrix

Used by our Ancient Ancestors as a tool to facilitate profound healing and a deeper connection with universal energy. It is the most powerful healing on our planet. We have moved into a time now where we have gained access to this knowledge once again.

You are what the universe is Doing

pure infinite loving intelligence, in everything

Heart Matrix Healing connects you with the Universe itself, which then actually facilitates the healing for you. Through intention we communicate with the Universe that which we wish to let go of and it in turn replaces us with an upgrade of higher vibrational attitudes and behaviours that we wish to embrace in ourselves. The beauty of this type of healing is that the universe is able to go straight to the source of the pain or trigger mechanism inside you and heal that directly.


Past/Present Life Healing

Using the Heart Matrix to travel to the source of trauma, similar to a past life regression but also healing the cause of the issue, freeing you from ongoing symptoms.


Entity Removal

Safely removing dark entities that influence your actions and feed off your pain.   A lot more friendly than an exorcism, no spinning heads!


Timeline Collapse

A powerful reboot, changing the past, present and future. This healing is compatible with all other treatments and  is an impressive add-on to any other service.

Healing From the comfort of Your Home

Quantum Physics has shown everything is connected. By tapping into the Heart Matrix, distance and time do not matter, providing powerful healing, anytime, any place, including from the comfort of your own home.