Experience the magic, beauty & grace of the fire ceremony

Strip away your pain , regrets & limiting beliefs

Lose the burden of your past, feel rejuvenated & lighter.

Simone L

I feel so uplifted and empowered. My weeks flowed amazingly so far despite the usual challenges. So grateful for the tools i have to manage life. Such a rich and rewarding experience.

Amy J

I was so connected to my inner power and intention that I took a leap of faith, feeling love and adoration. I am enough and you are enough, we are enough!


Unleash your inner fire!

See the world thru new eyes with new found confidence that lasts. Tap in to your authentic power, knowing who you truly are & that your can step forward in life with honour & purpose.

Taking influence from some of the greatest healers & teachers to have walked the earth such as Mother Teresa, Tony Robbins & the Native American Indians. 

Be Happier, Healthier, Wealthier

Love your Life!

Come for a unforgettable night to create a unforgettable Life!

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Surround yourself with like minded people

We're building a community of awesome people, all moving forward with direction and purpose.